Phil Bolt

Under Phil’s teaching, the Swindon club has trained almost 200 members, produced numerous 1st Dans, 2nd Dans, 3rd Dans and two 4th Dans. Four of his students have also set up their own clubs in their own areas.

Today, the Swindon club still enjoys Phil’s teaching and continues to develop its members and attract new students. Some of his current students are qualified coaches who stand in for Phil on occasions.

Contact Phil on 07758 746908 for more details, or just turn up to any class in Swindon to watch or take part.

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In 2019, with the agreement of the British Aikido Board, Phil was awarded 6th Dan.

Sensei Phil Bolt, 6th Dan

Sensei Phil Bolt started practising martial arts in 1978 in Plymouth. He started with Karate, then Kung Fu, then Ju-Jitsu, before finally finding Aikido.

    • In 1993, Phil started practising Aikido with local Sensei Jim Brown in Plymouth. This is part of Sensei Kolesnikov's Ki-style Aikido.

    • In 1996, he started up the Swindon club as a Blue Belt, teaching a class of around 15 members. He is a qualified coach with the British Aikido Board.

    • In 1997, Phil obtained his 1st Dan Black Belt following his grading in Oldham by Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2002, he obtained his 2nd Dan, again following a grading in Oldham and awarded by Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2009, he was awarded 3rd Dan by Sensei Kolesnikov, recognising for his outstanding contributions in building up and supporting the organisation.

    • In 2011, Sensei Kolesnikov awarded him 4th Dan, making him one of the most senior and loyal members of the organisation.

    • In 2013, Phil became 5th Dan, and was appointed head of the organisation by Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2016, he was awarded CL2, the second level of coaching award from the British Aikido Board.

Sensei Phil Bolt