Christine Mann

She continues to enjoy the teaching of Sensei Phil Bolt, and training with like-minded people across the country.

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Since 2006, Christine is also the the Child Protection Officer (CPO) for the organisation, providing support for our clubs that teach under 18s.

Sensei Christine Mann, 4th Dan

Sensei Christine Mann started practising Aikido with Phil Bolt in 1997.

    • In 2000, Christine qualified as an Assistant Coach, and as a full instructor in 2002.

    • In 2001, she headed up the Bristol club. As a Brown Belt at the time, this is a very privileged role and sanctioned by the British Aikido Board (BAB) and Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2003, Christine obtained her 1st Dan Black Belt following a grading in Oldham by Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2009, she graded to 2nd Dan, again held in Oldham by Sensei Kolesnikov.

    • In 2011, after 10 years of supporting the Bristol club, she handed over the Bristol club to her 2 most senior 2nd Dan students.

    • In 2013, Sensei Phil Bolt awarded Christine her 3rd Dan, in recognition of lesson & course attendance, running the Bristol club, her role as Child Protection Officer, and attendance of the BAB meetings.

    • In 2016, she was awarded CL2, the second level of coaching award from the British Aikido Board.

In 2019, Christine was awarded 4th Dan, to recognise her vast input and experience within the organisation.

Sensei Christine Mann