Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark, 4th Dan

Andrew Clark started practising Aikido with Sensei Kolesnikov's organisation in 1991, whilst at university in Manchester. After graduating in 1995, he left Manchester and lost contact with the organisation.

    • In 2005, Andrew joined the Swindon Aikido club after finding it via the Internet, and started practising again. He also regularly attends the weekend courses taught by Sensei Kolesnikov across the UK.

    • In 2008, Andrew became a qualified Aikido instructor, standing in for Sensei Phil Bolt at times.

    • In 2009, he graded to 1st Dan Black Belt.

    • In 2010, he attended the Aikido Summer School in Vancouver, Canada, practising with the local club set up by a member of KSMBDA in 2009.

    • In 2013, he graded to 2nd Dan Black Belt.

    • In 2014, Sensei Phil Bolt awarded him 3rd Dan Black Belt, in recognition of contribution towards the organisation.

Andrew Clark

    • In 2016, he was awarded CL2, the second level of coaching award from the British Aikido Board.

    • In 2019, Sensei Phil Bolt awarded him 4th Dan Black Belt.