Michael Tipper, 1st Dan

Michael Tipper has long had an interest in martial arts, first practising Shoto Ryu Karate in 1987 for 4 years and then beginning practicing Tai Chi in 1996. He discovered the Swindon Aikido Club in 2005.
Michael Tipper
Michael Tipper

  • Michael was always fascinated with the flowing form of Aikido and was inspired to set a goal to study it after reading of its founder and the principles of using someone else's energy against them.

  • In 2007 and 2008, Michael visited the KSMBDA organisation's Ukraine and Austria clubs, attending the Summer Schools taught by Sensei Kolesnikov, 7th Dan.

  • In 2008, Michael became a qualified Aikido instructor, standing in for Sensei Phil Bolt at times,

  • In 2009, Michael achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt. 

In Michael's own words: "Initially, Aikido felt very strange for two reasons - first, to be back in a martial arts dojo as a beginner again after achieving a relatively high grade in Karate a few years earlier, and secondly learning to move in a much more flowing and relaxed way.  
Initially what I learnt seemed counter-intuitive to what felt to be "powerful" martial artistry however as I studied and practiced more I realised just how powerful the art is".