Gradings in Swindon in September 2010

Congratulations to Anna, Alfie and Adrian, who passed their gradings during the Swindon course weekend hosted by Sensei Phil Bolt, 3rd Dan on 4th September 2010.  
Sensei Kolesnikov, 7th Dan, head of the organisation, awarded the gradings.

September 2010 Graders
Back row: Adrian (green belt)
Front row left-to-right: Alfie (orange belt), Sensei Phil Bolt (3rd Dan), Anna (yellow belt)

Anna graded to yellow belt, the 1st grade in the sequence. Alfie graded to orange belt, the 2nd grade. 
There are 5 coloured belts altogether, before the black belt Dan grades. 
Pictures of Anna and Alfie during their grading

Adrian graded to green belt. This is the 3rd grade in the sequence. Some of his grading pictures are below:- 
Adrian executing a throw
Adrian immobilising his attacker
Adrian throwing and immobilising his attacker

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