Gradings in Swindon in March 2010

Congratulations to Alfie & Bruce, who were graded by Sensei Kolesnikov to Yellow Belt, and Mehmet, who graded to Green Belt, on 6th March 2010 as part of the Swindon course weekend, hosted by the Swindon club's teacher, Sensei Phil Bolt, 3rd Dan. 

March 2010 Graders
Left-to-right: Alfie, Bruce, Sensei Phil Bolt, Mehmet

Yellow Belt is the 1st belt in the system, and concentrates on the fundamental principles of Aikido: blending with the attacks, extension, posture and weight underside, to name a few. Alfie & Bruce demonstrated these points very well to Sensei Kolesnikov, and made the Swindon club very proud.
Green Belt is the 3rd belt in the system, and is one of the most difficult because it involves two different concepts to the previous belts: adapting correctly to the attacker's posture, and all the attacks are "on the move". In awarding Mehmet his Green Belt grade for a great grading, Sensei Kolesnikov invited him to attend the High Grades courses, which involve more advanced techniques, weapons, and healing (kiatsu). 

Come along to a training session and meet them and others, and you could be on your way to your Yellow Belt very soon!