Andrew Clark, 3rd Dan

Swindon students who graded in July 2013
Andrew (left) and Sensei Phil Bolt (right)
It is a great privilege to be able to award Andrew Clark with 3rd Dan.

Andrew has consistently helped to develop the Swindon club and the KSMBDA organisation ever since he set foot through the door. He re-lauched the Universal Aikido site for Sensei Kolesnikov, and developed the Aikido4Swindon local site. Over the years he has covered lessons and taught at the Swindon club. He has been instrumental in the success of the organisation during our first year of the new KSMBDA. 

This year he has written a book with Sensei Kolesnikov, established the Swindon club Facebook page, and continually finds new ways to make the running of the Swindon Club ever more easy and effortless. Great work.