2009 Black Belt Grading

2009 Black Belt Grading
Back row left-to-right: Andrew, Terry, John, Michael
Front row left-to-right: Paul, Sensei Kolesnikov, Christine
Congratulations to those who graded at the Aikido Black Belt grading of the KSMBDA organisation in Oldham on 19th September 2009.

The back row are the new 1st Dan black belts.
The front row are the new 2nd Dan black belts.

Sensei Kolesnikov (7th Dan) wears black for the black belt gradings.
2009 2nd Dan Black Belt Awards
Left-to-right: Brian, Sensei Kolesnikov, Phil

Congratulations to Brian and Phil who were awarded their 3rd Dans, for their outstanding contribution to the KSMBDA organisation.

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