Aikido Course Dates

Sensei Kolesnikov will teach the following Aikido courses across the UK in 2010. 
All are welcome at the courses, whether beginners, regular members, people who practise a different style of Aikido, or people interested in the Ki style. 
(Note: The Oldham High Grades courses are for green belts and above only).
23rd - 24th
(Previously 16th - 17th)
Oldham High Grades
February 06th - 07th Plymouth
20th - 21st Oldham General
March 06th - 07th Swindon & Bristol
27th - 28th Oldham High Grades
April 17th - 18th Exeter
May 08th - 09th Bridport
June 19th - 20th Oldham General
July 10th - 11th Plymouth
August 07th - 12th Summer School in Vancouver
September 04th - 05th Swindon & Bristol
18th - 19th Oldham High Grades & Black Belt Grading
October 16th - 17th Oldham General
23rd - 24th Exeter
November 06th - 07th Bridport
20th - 21st Oldham High Grades
December none none

Oldham courses are Saturday 5pm - 7pm and Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Bridport, Exeter, Plymouth, Swindon & Bristol are Saturday 5pm - 7pm, Sunday 10am - 12pm (High Grades only) and 1pm-4pm (General - All Welcome).

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